Lucien G. Canton, CEM -- Emergency Management For The 21st Century


" excellent resource for university and college staff to develop an emergency management program on campus or evaluate an existing program."
(Facilities Manager, March/April 2007)

"It is one of the more enlightening and enjoyable books on emergency management strategic planning I have read in quite some time."
(Colorado DEM Newsletter)

"This book is the first to define what [an] emergency management program should look like, along with a comprehensive guide for how to get there."
(Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management)

Emergency Management: Concepts and Strategies for Effective Programs
ISBN: 978-0-471-73487-1
368 pages
December 2006

This book propounds an all-hazards, multidisciplinary approach to emergency management. It discusses the emergency manager’s role, details how to establish an effective, integrated program, and explores the components, including: assessing risk; developing strategies; planning concepts; planning techniques and methods; coordinating response; and managing crisis. Complete with case studies, this is an excellent reference for professionals involved with emergency preparedness and response.

"Framing his analysis in the context of established business principles, Canton skillfully interweaves scholarly references and samples of real world forms and reports to present guard force management as a vital business function."
(Security Management)





Guard Force Management: Updated Edition
ISBN-13: 9780750677417
copyright @2003

This book looks at the contract guard force as a business and demonstrates how current management techniques can be used to improve efficiency and increase profitability. This updated edition includes an entirely new chapter on preparation and response to crisis in order to maintain business continuity. The book focuses on administrative and financial functions that are frequently neglected in guard companies, and discusses planning and conducting guard operations in detail.