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The Leadership Challenge

Successful crisis management depends on the skill of the leader and the cohesiveness of his or her team. I offer several options for leadership development that will not only enhance your ability to lead in crisis but will also improve and strengthen your day-to-day interactions with your team.

My coaching programs use The Leadership Challenge®, a program built on the idea that there are common behaviors exhibited by leaders and that these behaviors can be measured and taught. I am a Trained Facilitator for the Leadership Challenge® Workshop and a Certified LPI® Coach.

Based on over thirty years of research by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, the Leadership Challenge® groups essential leadership behaviors into Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® that can be measured using a 360° online assessment tool, the Leadership Practices Inventory®.

The LPI® measures the frequency of 30 key leadership behaviors within five core practices. Since the emphasis is on behavior rather than inherent traits, the LPI® provides a measurement of leadership competencies and identifies areas where improvements could be made. This information is used to design an action plan for the leader to meet The Leadership Challenge®.

Individual Leadership Assessment and Coaching
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